The glass artists uses both kiln and flame to sculpture the end results. Glass in both translucent and opaque colors are used in sheets for fusing and in rods for the torch. The glass kiln is used for fusing sheets and also annealing the glass made on the torch. All of these glass pieces are one of a kind. Custom projects have included: 4×6 glass dish in purple hearts with white base, pendant in black with blue dichroic strip in center, see through rainbow dish in 4×4.


Our leather craftsmen employ chrome-tanned leather in imaginative pairings to craft these multifaceted, utilitarian artworks. Each piece is meticulously hand-stitched. These artisans are perpetually seeking everyday solutions that can seamlessly integrate as both aesthetically pleasing and practical items, enhancing the quality of daily life. Custom projects include: a beautiful blue d-20 dice bag, utility knife sheath, extra strong magnet money clips, menorahs, and more.


Our skilled artisans combine craftsmanship and technology to create items that not only exhibit stunning beauty but also serve practical purposes. These hand-finished creations are typically offered in various types of locally sourced wood whenever feasible. They created many custom products such as wood floor vents, necklace displays, mini dice rolling tray, menorahs, and different kinds of earrings.


There are other mediums that these artists have used and willing to do custom work in, but their main focus is in glass, leather, and wood. Other mediums such as, polymer clay, resin, laser engraving, silk dying, wire wrapping, wood carving, CNC, 3D modeling, calligraphy, illumination, 3D printing in both filament and resin.

Shows & Events

We have attended many in-person events & shows and have tried a few different layouts.